USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK & Med School Resources

Med-Ace offers free high quality USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK & medical school resources developed by medical students who aced med school and the USMLE. Med- Ace offers a dedicated biostatistics course for medical students, a free & continuously updated USMLE question bank, a complete guide for Step studying, a catalog of the best USMLE study resources, a guide for honoring medical clerkships, and tons of other great free resources such as templates & “how to” articles.

Being a medical student is hard.

Med-Ace is here to make it easier.

What does Med-Ace offer?


The Med-Ace USMLE Study Tools. Your Guide to Planning for the USMLE.

An honest overview of the best resources and strategies for preparing for the USMLE.

What is Med-Ace USMLE Study Tools?

The Med-Ace USMLE Study Tools resource is a collection of articles and information outlining the best resources and strategies for preparing for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK. The information was written by people who took the 2019 version of the exam and scored 250 or higher. Med-Ace is not affiliated with any commercialized USMLE prep company and therefore the information provided represents the honest opinions of people who excelled in the USMLE and nothing else.
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The Med-Ace Biostatistics Course for Medical Students. Your Solution for Mastering Biostatics.

A comprehensive biostatatistics course developed for medical students who struggle with biostatistics or would like to master biostatistics and related concepts.

What is the Med-Ace Biostatistics Course For Medical Students?

The Med-Ace Biostatistics Course for Medical Students is an online course which uses pre-recorded videos (similar to Pathoma and Boards and Beyond) to teach the basic biostatistics and epidemiology concepts which medical students are tested on in medical school and USMLE/COMLEX examinations. What makes this course unique is that in addition to watching video lectures, students are also provided with practice exercises after each video lecture to help boost comprehension and retention of topics learned. Another unique feature is that this is a stand-alone course and as a result, the course is entirely focused on teaching biostatistics and nothing else.
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The Med-Ace Board Style Quetion Packs. Your Source for Continuously Produced Board Style Questions.

A small but high quality and continuously updated question bank designed to compliment your current major question bank.

What is the Med-Ace Board Style Question Packs?

The Med-Ace Board Style Question Packs is a small but high quality question bank which is updated monthly with fresh new questions. The purpose of this question bank is to supplement your main question bank as well as serve as an additional source of questions for difficult and complex topics such as biostatistics & surgery. The questions come in the form of blocks which contain 20-25 questions on a specific subject. Each question is written in the NBME style and comes with a UWorld style explanation.
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The Med-Ace Clerkship Tools. Your Guide for Honoring All Your Core Clerkships.

A comprehensive guide for excelling in your core clinical clerkships.

What is the Med-Ace Clerkship Tools Resource?

The Med-Ace Clerkship Tools resource is a collection of useful tools for preparing and excelling in your core clinical rotations. This resource includes articles on how to prepare for your rotations, what to expect, tips for the shelf exam and templates for use in clinic.
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The Med-Ace Test Taking Skills Workshop. Your Solution for Improving Your Test Taking & Critical Skills.

A short yet useful online workshop which aims to provide you with the skills required to successfully confront board style exams.

What is the Med-Ace Test Taking Skills Workshop?

The Med-Ace Test Taking Skills Workshop is a short set of videos which outline the strategies and skills necessary to improve your test taking skills. Test taking skills are essential for success in board exams such as the USMLE/COMLEX and shelf exams. In this workshop you learn test taking skills and tips from people who performed well in USMLE and NBME subject examinations consistently.

What is Med-Ace? is a USMLE and medical school resource website which is operated by recent U.S. medical graduates who have a passion for teaching medicine. All of the content is developed by a small independent group of resident physicians who scored 250+ on both the USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK exams from 2018-2019. The mission of Med-Ace is to develop free, high quality, USMLE/COMLEX & medical school resources that med students anywhere can benefit from.

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